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New Beginnings


We are likely not the first, and probably not going to be the last, to tell you we are excited for the new year.  New things are shiny.  They are pretty.  They are clean. Untouched. Unmarked.  The new year can symbolize new beginnings and new promises we make to ourselves.

While we may look at this newness and think of all the exciting possibilities, we're careful to also recognize that the word "new" can be really scary too.  Especially for survivors of domestic violence.

Anytime you leave something you have known so well, feelings of self doubt and insecurity can creep in and take over what you know to be true.  So as we walk alongside survivors who come through our doors this year, we'll continue to encourage them to leave the self doubt behind.  We'll encourage them to believe that they CAN move forward, as they are so often used to only being told they can't.  

To all of you, happy new year and here is to new beginnings because YOU MATTER!

Heal. Empower. Transform.

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