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Our Outcomes

In 2019...

17,996 SERVICES were provided to 1,672 PEOPLE

310 were CHILDREN

200 adults and children were SHELTERED for a total of 4,606 BED NIGHTS

Over 4,000 PEOPLE in our community attended a presentation to learn more about domestic violence

Upon their exit from shelter...

97% of clients secured SAFE HOUSING

82% of clients gained a means of FINANCIAL SUPPORT

86% MET OTHER GOALS they set for themselves

98% received strategies to ENHANCE SAFETY

98% gained knowledge of COMMUNITY RESOURCES


77% of victims who have access to SafeHomes' services are able to stay employed, in contrast to the up to 50% who typically lose their jobs when domestic violence impacts the home.

Without highly specialized services like those provided at SafeHomes, victims will often leave and return to their abusive relationship 7 times before leaving the relationship permanently.

If only 50% of survivors we serve each year do not become re-victimized, the law enforcement, court, medical and productivity cost savings to the local community is more than $600,000.

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