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Safety Planning

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Creating a safety plan is a critical step for anybody thinking about leaving an abusive partner.  Thinking ahead about strategies you can use to protect yourself during a violent incident or teaching children to dial 911 could save your life. Planning ahead for your escape, ensuring you have a small "nest egg" of money, or taking some of your clothes and needed items to a trusted friend, could eliminate a barrier you may face in the future.  Thinking about how you will protect yourself once you are in your own residence could make you less vulnerable and feel more confident.  While you cannot control the actions of your abuser, you do have choices about how to get yourself, your children and even your pets to safety.  

The tool below is just one version of how to create a safety plan, and you may choose to adapt it as needed.

Our advocates are trained to assist you as you create a safety plan that works for your unique set of circumstances.  Call us. WE CAN HELP! 

Creating A Personalized Safety Plan

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