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30-Day Emergency Shelter

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 706.736.2499


Our 30-day emergency shelter is a safe haven for hundreds of women and children each year.

The 12 bedroom (33 bed) facility includes:

  • Large Common Area and Dining Area
  • Large Kitchen
  • Multipurpose Room with Computers for Client Use
  • Meditation Room for Private Therapy Sessions or Personal Reflection Time
  • Teen Room
  • Children's Play Room
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Outdoor Sitting Area

While in shelter, all necessities are made available to clients, such as clothing, toiletries and food. However, our shelter is much more than that. Our shelter advocates are specially trained to assist clients on a daily basis and encourage them along their journey through case management, parenting classes, job skills training and more.  Residential shelter clients are also encouraged to participate in our weekly Support Group and various Life Skills Classes, and are given the opportunity to participate in individual counseling, as well as to meet with our legal advocate regarding the process of obtaining a Temporary Protective Order from their abuser.


Children, Teens, Pets
Many times, mothers are conflicted about coming into shelter because they are worried about the safety and care of their children or pets.  

We understand that children who witness abuse are a higher risk for future intimate partner violence relationships, bullying, health concerns and more, so while they are in our care, we utilize an educational curriculum about healthy relationships and behaviors, and tailor it depending on the age and needs of the child.  Additionally, our children's advocate is specially trained to provide support for our youth, including to help re-establish a healthy bond between the mother and her child(ren). We plan special activities for our youth, depending on their ages, as well as work with the Board of Education to ensure a tutor is available for any school-aged youth.  Several of our grantors make it possible for our youth to attend summer camps, take field trips and have opportunities to just be a regular kid.  Our children and teens are very important to us!

We also recognize the importance of providing a loving and safe atmosphere for our clients' pets.  Therefore, we have partnerships to help us, as we do not want this to be a barrier to escape for any victim. 


Residential Aftercare
During the 30 days in shelter, our goal is to help clients obtain permanent, safe and affordable housing and a means of financial support, as well as to help them eliminate any other barriers that they may face after they exit shelter.  After clients exit shelter, we follow up every three months, for up to one year, to ensure their continued safety and success.  Clients are still encouraged to attend support group, counseling or life skills classes.

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