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DV and the Workplace


We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day - a day dedicated to celebrating the contributions workers have made to the well-being of our country.

At SafeHomes, we recognize that domestic violence is not just a "family problem".  It impacts the workforce and employers can actually play a significant role in our efforts to support victims.

As an employer, there are ways to help:

1. Educate yourself.  Understand warning signs and pay attentioon.  Ask yourself, is the employee wearing long sleeves in 100 degree weather?  Are they calling out frequently, especially if this is not their normal behavior? Are they receiving numerous "check-ins" from their partner during the day?

2. Document. If something seems "off", document it.  This could be used in a court of law against the perpetrator to show a pattern of abuse.

3.  Respect the Victim.  They are most likely embarrassed and scared.  Be sympathetic to what they may be facing and do not judge.

4. Organize a Team.  Put together a committee and train them about domestic violence in the workplace, develop a confidential "complaint policy" and develop and office safety plan.

5.  Build Awareness.  Ensure staff is informed about available resouorces within your company, and about SafeHomes.

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