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Why Don't They Just Leave?


It seems simple.  But in reality, leaving an abusive relationship is never so simple. 

Typically, abusers do not begin the relationship that way.  And while there are often "red flags" in the beginning of an abusive relationship, they can sometimes be difficult to detect until the "cycle" has begun.

Additionally, there are many barriers to escape that keep victims from being able to leave their abusive partner and having a safety plan in place is CRITICAL!

Common reasons a victim may stay in the relationship include:

  • FEAR.  They know best what the abuser may be capable of doing if they leave.
  • FINANCES. Often the abuser will control the money, the car and the victim's whereabouts so much so that they are completely financially dependent on the abuser and feel they have no way out.
  • CULTURAL BELIEFS.  Sometimes religious or cultural beliefs cause the victim to feel leaving is not an option.
  • ISOLATION.  Often teh victim has become isolated from their support system or the abuser has made them believe that nobody will help them, or love them, or even believe them, if they try to seek help.
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