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Be A Mission Ambassador

A Mission Ambassador can be ANYONE who believes passionately about SafeHomes' mission to transform victims of domestic violence into SURVIVORS. To become a Mission Ambassador, no training, no financial commitment and no volunteer shifts are required. It is a simple way to make a big impact that virtually anyone can do! We know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence. Mission Ambassadors help us reach a wider audience so that people who need our services, know how to access them, and people who want to support us, know our needs. Below are a few ways you can begin doing your part as a Mission Ambassador today!

But first, become educated:

  • Take some online training courses to learn more about domestic violence so you can have a better understanding on the issues survivors experience.  Some great trainings may be found here.
  • Invite us to speak at your school, church, place of employment or other organization for which you participate.  Topics and presentation length can be tailored according to the audience.  If interested, please complete and submit a speaker request form.


  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. (@SafeHomesInc)
  • Engage with us online by sharing or commenting on our social media posts.
  • Sign up to receive our monthly newsletters and forward our newsletters to others who may be interested.
  • Let us know if you have a story to share.  We maybe be able to use it to provide hope for others who are healing.   We are completely understanding of your need for anonymity and will never share anything you do not want us to share. 
  • Submit a blog article about a domestic violence related topic for which you feel passionate.   All articles will be screened for approval by SafeHomes before being shared publicly and articles will only be shared if a release form is completed in its entirety and signed by the author of the article.   Email testimonial release form and article to

Among Your Circles...

  • Encourage others at your school, church or place of employment to contribute time, resources or dollars to help us further our mission.
  • Keep some SafeHomes cards with you at all times in case you encounter someone who may need our services. Email to request. Remember to always keep yours and the victim’s safety your first priority
  • Keep some SafeHomes brochures with you at all times and consider leaving them in your churches, at your office, or other places that you frequent. Email to request. Remember to always ask permission first.
  • Learn a short, 30-second “elevator speech” about our mission so you can share with others when the opportunity arises (see below).

Elevator Speech:  SafeHomes is a local, grassroots nonprofit that has been part of our community for more than 35 years.  Their mission is to transform victims of domestic violence into survivors.  They can help with safety planning, and they offer many programs to help ANYONE who has been victimized.  They provide emergency shelter, legal support, counseling, support groups, personal advocacy and more.  Their 24-hour crisis hotline is 706-736-2499.

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