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Financial Abuse


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DID YOU KNOW? According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, between 21%-60% of domestic violence survivors lose their jobs because of reasons stemming from abuse.

Domestic violence is rooted in the abuser's desire to gain and maintain power and control of the relationship.  The power & control wheel describes the many tactics that an abuser uses to acheive this, and one very powerful tool they often use is financial abuse.

Financial abuse, sometimes referred to as economic abuse, includes preventing the victim from earning money (such as preventing them from seeking a job, demanding they quit their job, or even sabotaging their existing employment status).  It also includes preventing the victim from accessing money by making all the financial decisions, withholding account numbers and bank cards, demanding all assets are in the abuser's name, and more.  It could even include coerced debt such as applying for credit cards or loans in the victim's name, forcing the victim to sign financial documents or obtain loans, and ultimately obtaining debt that destroys the victim's credit rating.

When economic abuse is involved, it can really make a survivor feel trapped from being able to leave the relationship.  Even if they want to and are emotionally ready, sometimes the worry of becoming homeless or not being able to provide for their child(ren), keeps them from leaving, or, from staying away from the relationship once they do leave.

SafeHomes' Workforce Development Program is available for all clients, completely free of charge. Through the Program, clients have opportunities to earn certifications in Phlebotomy, Certified Nursing Assistant, CPR/First Aid, Pharmacy Technician, ServSafe and more.  The Program can connect clients to agencies that assist with temporary to permanent employment and even to some of our community partners who are often looking to hire employees at their business.  For younger clients, their are even opportunities to participate in the American Red Cross babysitting courses, to gain leadership skills and ultimately earn income.

There is an unofficial statistic that says survivors leave and return to the abusive relationship up to 7 times before leaving the relationship permanently, and by offering comprehensive services, to include Workforce Training & Development, we hope to lessen that number so our clients can lead fulfilling lives free from abuse.

For more information about economic abuse, please click here.  For more information about SafeHomes' Workforce Development Program, please click here.

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